Rae Van Heirseele

Owner, Garden Designer, Fine Gardener

After earning a BFA in Fine Art Photography, Rae moved west from South Carolina to find "an art job".  Rae honed her eye for detail while managing fine art collections and museum exhibitions in New York and San Francisco but then found the Bay Area to be the perfect place to garden.

In 1998 Rae switched medium from fine art to fine gardening. This fulfilled her need to be outdoors, on the move and surrounded by beauty. In addition to Landscape Horticulture classes and workshops Rae learned the habits and proper care of plants by working with them hands on throughout the seasons.

Rae is inspired by the California landscape when on hikes and bike rides and tries to bring a bit of wild nature into her garden designs. She also enjoys watching her son Wiley sprout, grow and bloom.